Happening: Warren Zevon Séance

Pray Tell: A Self-Service Séance for Warren Zevon

Closing Night Party for Triple Base’s “Yielding California” NYC Pop-Up Gallery on March 13 from 8-11pm at 9 Desbrosses St. (between Hudson & Greenwich), NYC >> FREE!

“They say love conquers all / You can’t start it like a car, you can’t stop it with a gun”

Following a life of countless ups and downs, songwriting genius Warren Zevon passed away in 2003 at the age of 56. After years of refusing routine medical exams, Zevon was diagnosed with cancer, after which he not only recorded his final masterpiece (The Wind), but was also invited to appear on Letterman for a full hour before eventually succumbing to his fate. Through visuals, performances, and participatory activities, Pray Tell will explore three different visions of the sardonic songsmith: the musical chameleon and Los Angeles mainstay who realized vastly different projects with different producers, opening himself up in ways both trying and humble; the ironist whose insight and humor were ahead of their time, and whose lyrics have come to define a range of self-referential contemporary cultural productions including Californication and Funny People; and the human being who suffered and conjured, partied and disappeared “with the best of them” in a stylized LA scene that has made a living off of confusing the public with the private.

More party-based concept than concept-based party, Pray Tell will be neither “real” nor “fake.” Participation by individuals and small groups will be invited throughout the evening. Think of it as a living mixtape.

Blog (live for one week): http://warrenzevon.tumblr.com/

Curated by Kateri O’Neil and Ari Messer
Sound by Safety Scissors
Performance by Turkey (Ari Messer and Ian Campbell)
Visuals by Kateri O’Neil
Art by Michelle Blade