Dear Yoko Ono, Take me Book Shopping With You

This Yoko Ono interview over at Book Patrol is making my day.

BP: In 1964, you produced Grapefruit, one of the seminal artists books to emerge from the second half of the 20th century, a volume that influential art critic, David Bourdon, considered “one of the monuments of conceptual art…” It was an “event score,” providing instructions for a journey by the artist and reader, in the spirit of Cage’s “chance music” – a score suggesting action-performance possibilities rather than a specific, concrete performance to be replicated. Do you have any plans to create other artist books?

YO: Well, I still keep writing new art scores whenever there is a need for it.

BP: The event scores in Grapefruit read as zen poetry. Was that intentional or a felicitous by-product?

YO: I think it is the influence I received from the form of Haiku.