Me Cutting out the Coffee/Adam Thirlwell’s Bedroom Eyes/Adam Thirlwell’s Bat Segundo Show Interview

Three things that may or may not be related:

1.  I’ve began to cut down my coffee intake.  Six cups a day will kill me, so  I’m now drinking tea.  This makes me think of one of my favorite Onion headlines: “Fancy Man Enjoys Drinking Tea.”

“a fancy little gent who is apparently too good to enjoy a regular cup of coffee, drank a cup of tea Sunday.”

2.  I’ve began reading Adam Thirlwell’s novel, The Escape.  I like it, but more on that later.  I want to discuss his bedroom eyes because they’re incredible and I’m jealous.  I wish I had bedroom eyes like that.  I wish I could look at a woman and she’d automatically think “dreamy.”

3.  Adam Thirlwell did an interview at the Bat Segundo Show.

I think one and two have some connection:  I’m becoming such a tea drinking fancy man, that I’m now becoming jealous of other dudes and their sensual peepers.

This all proves that it’s a very slippery slope once you give up coffee.