I Feel Like I Should Like Crocodiles

Every generation gets a band or two like Crorodiles, but I’m not 100%  sure they’re necessary.  The whole post-Spacemen 3 thing/attempting to step on pedals in a drugged out haze/ songs that sound like what could have been had Syd Barrett come out of hiding and recorded something on 4AD/ Etc.

I’m always going to say that I like the way this stuff sounds, but I don’t necessarily love it.  You can be the judge, and listen to the title track and first single off their forthcoming album, Sleep Forever.

Listen: Crocodiles, “Sleep Forever”


  1. Crocodiles are kind of a “one ‘hit’ wonder” for me. “I Wanna Kill” is miles ahead of anything else I’ve heard from them. “Sleep Forever” sounds pretty good, though.

  2. That first album was good. I sorta feel like these guys are going to hard on the wannabe BJM/Warlocks thing.