Very Awesome: Chelsea Hodson’s Beach Camp

Chelsea Hodson has proven herself to be awesome to me time after time, but this thing that she’s hooked up to put out with Swill Children (also always awesome) might be nearly impossible to top.

BEACH CAMP, a story collection by Chelsea Hodson, explores a space detached from the mainland—an island where girls sleep in cabins without walls, throw chicken nuggets across the cafeteria, threaten towel-wearing boys, and go looking for the buffalo. Hodson separates her journey into tidy sections shorter than the time it takes a counselor to say I will arrange a boat to take you off this island tonight so help me God.

Need more?  Sarah Manguso is psyched for this, saying:  “Like the buffalo “left to their private multiplication” after a film set is struck, the girls of BEACH CAMP are left at Camp Fox in a chaos of new freedom. In masterfully condensed sections, Hodson shows us how they grow publicly and privately, wanting to hide and to be seen. Her unassuming sentences cut to the quick.

Also, there’s this:


  1. Is Melville House going to be doing another one of those award things for best book trailers? I’d nominate this.