Random Thoughts on Light Boxes by Shane Jones

Light Boxes, by Shane Jones, was a good read.  Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out an appropriate way to review it, so here are a few random thoughts I wrote in my notebook:

  • “I’m glad Spike Jonze optioned the book, and not somebody like M. Night Shyamalan.”
  • “I hope that Spike Jonze doesn’t use any Arcade Fire songs in the film.  Arcade Fire suck.”
  • If Tom Waits took magic mushrooms and decided to write a book that was a cross between Where the Wild Things Are, and the French cartoon/film Fantastic Planet, it might be something like Light Boxes.
  • I read pages 106-114 while listening to Black Dice songs I downloaded without song titles or album names (sorry)*.  It added to the experience.
  • “This might be the saddest book I’ve read this year.”

*I’ve paid for 3 Black Dice albums in the past, but I lost them.  I’ve also paid to see them a few times.