Eggers’ Haters

Do people really “hate” Dave Eggers?  Our pal Meaghan O’Connell thinks so, and says that one day she will write the definitive post in defense of Mr. Eggers.

We wish her luck and support her 100%, but really, who hates Dave Eggers?

Meaghan points to a New York Observer piece on a gallery showing of some of D.E.’s work (taking place in San Francisco, not New York — where the observer is from), but that’s not sufficient evidence, because the Observer hates everybody, and in their defense, it isn’t that bad of a slag compared to what’s out there.

To find the real hate, I typed a few terms in Google:

1. “Dave Eggers sucks”

Top Result: “Why Dave Eggers Sucks” from the Denver Syntax.

My thoughts:  After reading this, I think the writer has been rejected from McSweeney’s a few too many times.  Saying somebody is “talentless,” that his “slapdash books make no fucking sense,” and then saying that you’ve “never read more than a few words of his,” doesn’t really back up your argument.

#2: The IMDb board subject: “Dave Eggers sucks” directs us to a conversation about Joyce.

#3: This

Then I typed in “Dave Eggers Schmuck”.  Nothing good came up.

Next up, “Dave Eggers Cool Dude”.  This site came up, saying that “Dave Eggers” is “Slang for pretentious white asshole who is self-conscious about the ironic and detached way he views the world yet raves on … and on … and on … about seriousness of viewpoint.”

Please note that when I looked up “Dave Eggers nice dude” or “Dave Eggers tight bro,” I got nothing substantial on Eggers’ niceness or tight broness.


  1. I want to say that if I may offer my book manuscript to someone who is listening, I may do so now and rightly.

  2. Maybe because he’s a hack, a pretentious douche, and a piece of shit. Just read “After I Fell in the River and Before I Drowned” for a class course on why he’s perhaps the worst best selling author since Hitler.