Should I Trust the Good Taste of Todd Zuniga?

Todd Zuniga (Opium, Literary Death Match) has good taste, and he seemed to like Imperial Bedrooms.  Is this the final clue from God that I should read the (possibly terrible) follow up to one of my favorite books ever?

The dark undergrounds of real-deal metropolitan cities (NYC, SF, LA, London, etc.) can be grim, horrifying places.  We’ve all heard stories (or at least seen Requiem for a Dream).  I don’t have the constitution to live in this world, though I wish, maybe, I had the strength to write about it (I don’t; I’ve tried).  But I can’t stop admiring Ellis’ bold handling of a city’s dark identity, especially one that’s going on right under our noses inside the safe-seeming boundaries of our first-world American Dreamscape. So upsetting, haunting, fucked, ruthless, rattling and frightening.

And I wish I could read more.

(Via The Rumpus)