Huffington Post Books Attempts to Create Bret Easton Ellis Scoop, Fails

Huffington Post Books tweeted that Bret Easton Ellis had broken his silence over controversial Twitter comments he made right after J.D. Salinger died.

Me and about fifteen other dorks would really care, but the thing is, he talked about that months ago in an interview with Vice:

Well, you’ve written my favorite Twitter that anybody’s ever written.

The Salinger one. On the day he died, you posted: “Yeah!! Thank God he’s finally dead. I’ve been waiting for this day for-fucking-ever. Party tonight!!!”
Some people didn’t get it.

I thought it was the greatest thing I’d read in a long time.
Good. That’s good. That’s what I was hoping for.

Did you get grief from friends over that?
[laughs] I did. But it was how I felt. I can’t help it. I felt that way. I was dreading the onslaught of the sentimentalizing of Salinger—who hated all of us, by the way. Cranky old bastard. It was a much more complicated tweet than it might appear. There was much more thought behind it than what you might think.

So did you deliberate it much before you posted it?
Actually, you know what? I posted it and then I thought: “Too soon, too soon, too soon!” And I deleted it. But a couple of people had seen it and someone was outraged and then someone else was writing “LMAO, LMAO.” And I thought, “Oh, interesting. OK. Put it back.” The whole thing happened in a space of about 90 seconds. And then within like an hour I had 10,000—