Jonathan Ames Wants to Feel Something “Real”

I’m gonna guess that Jonathan Ames has a lot more money than I do.  I’m going to also guess that he has more money than about 85% of the readership of this blog.  That is why I gotta ask if he is becoming one of those people who has hefty bank accounts, that needs to “feel something,” so he does illegal stuff like breaking into Broadway shows:

Mr. Ames sent a text message on Monday evening: “Meet at Algonquin and then we’ll try to sneak into ‘The Phantom of the Opera,'” it said. “I second-acted it years ago. I think it’s happily lugubrious.”

Another text message followed: “Dress nicely, like a well-heeled tourist. I’m hoping we won’t be arrested. If we are, your connections at the Wall Street Journal should be helpful.”  (Via WSJ)