I Like Mad Men Recaps More Than I Like the Show

I’ve seen 2 1/2 episodes of Mad Men because apparently, I’m the last asshole on the planet that doesn’t really care for the show.

I do however love reading the recaps:

Salon: “By the time she’s giggling giddily post-coitus and saying “My goodness!” you can almost see those brutal masochists over in the “Mad Men” writer’s room, drooling and clasping their hands together like Dr. Evil as they plan the devastating scene that we know is coming next: Don rips Allison’s heart out with the condescending cruelty he’s known for.”

Jewcy: “While Don doesn’t pay for sex this week, he does have his advances thwarted by both the flirty twenty-something nurse next door, and the new psychology lady at the office. Two rejections?  For Don Draper?  It’s like watching Lebron James score under thirty points.”

The Faster Times usually has a good one, but I’m not sure where this weeks is.  Here is something from last: “Harry Crane returned sporting a ridiculous hair cut and an even more ridiculous idea of Jai-alai TV special.”

Slate: “The allure of recreational alcoholism and casual adultery was nowhere to be found in this episode.”