Happening: Crosswave

Posted by Nick Curley

Maybe you like doing yourself favors.  Years from now, do you want to be the chump that almost smooched Hendrix at Woodstock?  The oaf too busy at church to make Sunday afternoon’s Rathskeller shows?  The goofus whose K Street internship kept them from the 9:30 Club?  Wallflower in a Bollywood movie?  No, you sweethearts of the rodeo.  You want to have been there: to bump and grind live from the Ibiza-Bristol-Paisley Park Simulcast that rests within all of our loins.

Go out Saturday night and be somebody at Crosswave, the much talked about dance party at which living legends DJ Leblanc and Tobytech (figuratively!) burn Gowanus favorite Littlefield to the ground.  They’ve brewed a masterful hybrid of the best dance music of the eighties, nineties, and whatever these last two decades are called.  Come for the truly excellent taste in music, stay for the whiskey and Pop Rocks tandem.

622 Degraw St., at 3rd Ave: action gets smashin’ at 11pm.  Tell ‘em V1 sent you.