Minus the Joan Didion Talk and Fabulousness

I can’t really fault Lauren Leto for figuring out how to become a millionaire by getting other people to post about their personal text messages, and her stereotyping people by what they read thing was pretty hilarious.  I wish I was funny and had a million dollars.

I think all the Joan Didion talk in her interview with Capital New York was a little unnecessary.  Also, anything labeled as “fabulous” still makes me want to vomit, but otherwise go Lauren!  Give me some money!

While we were talking, Leto got an email from her book club, which had decided to read Let the Great World Spin rather than Leto’s suggestion, Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking. I asked her if she’d ever read “Goodbye to All That,” the seminal Didion essay about coming to New York. After all, in that essay Didion also finds herself mysteriously incapable, during her eight years in the city, of buying furniture.

“I just read it yesterday,” Leto said, “and that’s why I suggested Year of Magical Thinking. I like her writing style. And then under my new section I’m working on, called ‘How to Write Like Any Author,’ I’m like, ‘Joan Didion: redundant, scattered, doesn’t stay on the same subject for more than one long, run-on sentence.