Music For Weekends: Sufjan, Small Black, Xray Eyeballs, Oberhofer

Posted by Jason Diamond

Everybody and their mother, father, great uncle, and babies daddies are talking about the first Sufjan track off his upcoming album, The Age of Adz.  And for good reason: it’s fucking incredible.  It’s weird, glitchy, Prince-y, pretty, and all sort of other things that make me feel good.

Listen: Sufjan Stevens – “I Walked”

This Small Black track, “Photojournalist,” sounds like a weeble wobble dance party or a warped cassette tape of The Lost Boys soundtrack.

That means it’s really good.

Listen: Small Black – “Photojournalist”

This Xray Eyeballs song is a slow jam.  They’re playing the upcoming Monster Island block party with Onedia, Frankie Rose and the Outs, and more.  It sounds like it could have been recorded under water.

Listen: Xray Eyeballs – “Po Jam”

Any song that utilizes whistling, I automatically like.  Oberhofer does that, then makes a bunch of noise that brings me back to my early childhood days.  If you had ADHD and went to Montessori, then this is your anther,

Listen: Oberhofer – “I Could Go”