Music for (Labor Day) Weekends: Moon Duo, Sharon Van Etten, TV Buddahs

Posted by Jason Diamond

As we pointed out the other day, we’re putting on a show at Knitting Factory with our buddies from Sacred Bones Records.  Moon Duo (pictured above) is headlining, and they are awesome.  It’s like if you took Suicide and made them peace loving Krautrockers, this is the end result.

Listen: Moon Duo – “Dead West”

I thought Sharon Van Etten’s 2009 album, When I was in Love, was a perfect example of somebody picking up where Chan Marshall decided to leave off when she got lazy and started doing only covers.  I’m pretty sure her next album, Epic, will not only fail to be a great follow up, but will hopefully do a good job of living up to the title of the record.

Listen: Sharon Van Etten – “Love More”

Oh, hello TV Buddahs.  Your Israeli born (currently residing in Germany) brand of proto punk that sounds like early Television demos is a very welcomed thing.  You are fantastic and I love you.  Please don’t ever change.

Listen: TV Buddahs – “Fun Girls”