Juergen Gleue After 39 Clocks

Posted by Jason Diamond

In some ways, 39 Clocks can be looked at as the band that closed a great renaissance in German music that lasted from the late 60s and went until some time in the 70s.   They’ve also been criminally neglected to this day. Think things like Young Marble Giants, Suicide, or The Velvet Underground with a drum machine, and you start to get an understanding of what I’m talking about.

Juergen Gleue went on to continue long after 39 Clocks was a distant memory to those with the good taste to pay attention during their time.  His album Phantom Payn Daze, was recorded and released in Germany sometime in the 90s.  Now, the always reliable Destijl Records has decided to release the album.

This video for the song “Paradox Box” was created by Tara Sinn, who has made videos for artists like Blues Control, Mike Bones, Total Life, and others.