Personal Top Ten: Favorite 90s RnB, Booty Bass, and Rap Songs

By Jason Diamond

We’re going to be presenting a weekly personal top ten list.  Got one you want to add?  Email your idea.

I’m not trying to be ironic or cutesy with this, lately I’ve just been heavily into songs I used to listen to on the radio when I was a teenager.

So for your pleasure:

1. “Ditty” by Paperboy

Paperboy was on Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, and for some reason or another, never had another hit after this one. I’m fascinated with people who put out near perfect songs, but then are unable to follow them up. This one more than most.

I recorded this song direct off radio off B96, and would play it over and over. I recently rediscovered it today, and it inspired me to put together this list.

2. “Ghetto Jam” by Domino

This song because is filled with typical misogynistic lyrics that appeal to 13-year-old boys, and is somewhat reminiscent of Snoop.

3. “My Baby Daddy” by B-Rock and the Bizz

4. “Tootsie Roll” by 69 Boyz

I miss the days when it was cool to wear hockey jerseys.

Also, the comments for this video are pretty outstanding: “I FUCCED A BIG BOOTY TRANNY TO THIS IN 93!”

5. “My Boo” by the Ghost Town DJ’s

Their Wikipedia entry says they are “Miami Bass,” but their name is any reference to where they come from, Ghost Town is a part of Oakland. So can they technically be Miami booty bass?

6. “Knocking Boots” by Candyman

Even though this came out years before I was to lose my virginity, I knew this was maybe the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest anthem to straight up love making.

7. “Knocking the Boots” by H-Town

So there’s the Candyman’s way of Knocking boots, and then there is this way. Also glad to know the definition of “knocking the boots” is when two boots come together to make “tasteful lust”.

8. “Stroke You Up” by Changing Faces

I’m still shocked this song was allowed on radio. It still makes me giggle a little.

9. “No Diggity” by Blackstreet

Not only is it one of the sickest hooks of all time, the video features Lil’ Penny — or a fake ass version of Lil’ Penny. I can’t be sure.

10. “Freak Me Baby” by Silk

If only we lived in a world where this song was the defining one of my generation and not something by Nirvana.