Right Now at This Very Second: Laird Hunt’s got a Story at The Brooklyn Rail

Posted by Tobias Carroll

Via Dustin at The Towering Irrelevance comes news of a new Laird Hunt story, up at The Brooklyn Rail’s website. It’s called “Dark Charlie,” and its existence is a fine piece of news for fans of good literature.

The bar K. had in mind served “ice cold draughts,” in pre-chilled Mason jars, and after we had made ourselves the close, personal friends of a few of these, we settled into comfortable leans in a fragrant semi-dark through which the handsome women of Texas drifted as if in some collective dream. They drifted, some of them, yes, in boots, and some of them, yes, in cowboy hats and as K. watched them his eyes grew bright and fierce, and as I watched him watching my eyes began to glaze.

[Previously, we talked about Hunt’s Ray of the Star, which is quite good.]

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