Bluestockings Tosses Out Showpaper



This month's Showpaper


Allegedly, the Lower East Side bookstore Bluestockings, tossed out 1,500 copies of the monthly local rock list, Showpaper [Note: the above image is the image from the front of the current Showpaper].    Not sure what the deal is, but our buddy Jesse Hlebo curated the series in question as part of an exhibition at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts called Short-Term Deviation:

“Someone at Bluestocking’s was offended by the Showpaper cover image that Borden Capalino did, apparently they thought it was exploitive rather than critical. Even still it’s quite reactionary to throw out more than 1,500 copies of Showpaper just because you don’t like what’s on the cover. I wouldn’t be surprised if they carried something like the Village Voice that has those kind of images displayed every week in a manner that subsidizes, rather than critiques.”

[The matter is beginning to get attention over at Brooklyn Vegan.]