Lee Rourke Winning the Not The Booker Prize Makes Me want to Read Him More

Posted by Jason Diamond

I literally have a dozen books next to my desk that I need to read for either work or pleasure.  I say work or pleasure because sometimes having to read certain books for my paycheck can be quite painful [kvetch, kvetch, kvetch].  But there are a few books that I get which I stare at and think “I really need to read that book, but I want to wait.”  I’m not sure why I want, or feel the need to wait, but I do.

The Canal by Lee Rourke has literally been at the top of the pile for the last few months, and even at the urging of friends with really good taste, I’ve failed to take a crack at it.

Today I learned that Rourke shared the Not The Booker prize that The Guardian gives out (I guess every year?), and for some weird reason, that was the final nudge.  I am going to read The Canal this weekend, all thanks to Rourke winning a prize that I don’t think means much of anything.