Norris Church Mailer’s Obituary

Posted by Jason Diamond

Norris Church Mailer died.   I guess Norris will always be known as being married to genius/pig/total prick/genius, Norman Mailer.  She will also be known for writing a book about being married to Norman — the one that tells you more than you ever wanted to know about their sex life.

She is also the person who’s New York Times obituary ends with this:

Before she met Mr. Mailer, she claimed, she had a fling with the then-unmarried Bill Clinton. In her memoir she told the story of that affair with characteristic wit. A friend who was in politics told her when Clinton was president, “I guess he slept with every woman in Arkansas except you.”

“Sorry,” she replied. “I’m afraid he got us all.”

To anybody who is planning on dying in the next 100 or so years: good luck trying to top that shit.