New York Times gets Back to Reporting About Old People in Brooklyn

Posted by Jason Diamond

In the wake of Briangate – where popular NBC anchor Brian Williams made fun of The New York Times for their “Brooklyn fetish”– the venerable newspaper has decided to stop focusing on young’‘hipsters’ who drink fair trade coffee, have trust funds, use interesting slang, attend D.I.Y. shows; or people who are Tao Lin.

Instead they’ve decided to focus their attention on folks like John “Moe” Maloney, a 70-year-old, lifelong “antithesis of white flight, the exception to gentrification,” who has lived in Brooklyn for his entire life and is probably cooler than most of the young people the Times has written about in the past several years.

I for one am really excited for the renewed focus by my favorite newspaper; and also for the upcoming op-ed: “colonoscopies are the new Black.”