Dear AWP Doppelganger

Posted by Jason Diamond

Dear AWP Doppelganger,

Hi.  How was Washington, D.C.?  Did you do a lot of networking?  Did you check out all of the monuments to our country?  Did you drink a lot?  Please, tell me everything.

I’m really curious to know about all the new Facebook friends you made, but before you tell me, I need to ask how many people mistook you for me, because a ton of people thought they saw me there, but I’m assuming that it was just you.

I know what you’re thinking: “bigger dude with glasses and beard, probably wearing a button up shirt, standing awkwardly in the corner, chugging a beer.  How random is that at an event involving readers?”  And frankly, I’m thinking THE EXACT SAME THING.  (It’s really insane how much we actually have in common.)

But yeah, a bunch of people we’re like “I can’t believe I didn’t get to talk to you at AWP.  I saw you across the room, but there were fifteen other guys with beards and glasses I’d have to crawl through to get to you.”  You were roaming around like Bigfoot, and all the while people were thinking it was me.  How hilarious is that?
Anyway, I was thinking that maybe we could get together over coffee and finger sandwiches and, I don’t know, maybe discuss how we could look a little less…uniform?

Talk to ya later, you good looking man.