Weekend Bites: Capt. Ahab’s Boat, Donald Rumsfeld’s Clam Chowder, NYTBR Roundup and More

They found Capt. Ahab’s boat! Dick Watching will be blowing up this week!

  • Donald Rumsfeld sits down to talk about his memoir, Known and Unknown.  Best line in the piece has to be, “I order an avocado and bacon salad. Rumsfeld orders a cup of clam chowder and a glass of lemonade.”  The rest you’ve probably heard already.

New York Times Book Review highlights:

  • Fake punk flyer by Ted McGrath for NYTBR

    Dan Kois reviews Justin Taylor’s The Gospel of Anarchy.  First Kois makes the assumption that many of us threw away our zine collection, then says the plot, “shows signs of the author throwing up his hands.”

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