Afternoon Bites (March 2nd): New Steve Erickson, Ira Glass Goes DIY, iPad 2 (and What it Means for Writers) and More

Steve Erickson, Steve Erickson new book,

In news of fiction: Steve Erickson’s (above) next novel, These Dreams of You, will be released next year by Europa Editions. (If you’re not an Erickson reader, might we suggest Days Between StationsArc d’X or Zeroville, his stunning take on 70s Hollywood?) And at Metazen, Nick Antosca has a new short story up, titled “The Girlfriend Game.”

  • “Imagine a musician — at first, you’re just copying John Coltrane, or Whitney Houston, or whoever, but eventually, all that wears away, and you’re just left with yourself.” – Emma Straub at Flavorwire
  • “The discussion of female film directors, when you’re at some media thing and talking about “women in film,” is, often, not a conversation that people want to engage in, or want to spend the time talking about, particularly when they’re trying to sell their film. And that’s completely fair and understandable” – Elisabeth Donnelly on women in film.
  • Last weekend in Los Angeles, the EMP Pop Conference took place. Among the attendees were Ned Raggett and Robert Christgau; both have posted in-depth accounts of what they saw.  (Our own recap will appear later this week.)