The week that was: Martin Amis icing Brooklyn

Posted by Jason Diamond

“I’m happy it’s lost its stigma.” Mr. Amis, he said is “icing on the cake of the cool kids moving to Brooklyn.” – Kurt Andersen, guy who founded Spy/person who I probably shouldn’t argue with.  Via Christian Lorentzen’s piece in The Observer, “Almost Amis.”


  • Will Martin Amis be seen making trips to BookCourt wearing dad jeans?
  • Will NYU build a dorm in Park Slope?
  • Will Philip Roth write a novel about an angry old Jewish man who walks the streets of Brooklyn, wondering why a bunch of good looking youngsters are occupying the apartment building he once lived in as a child?
  • Will zombie Truman Capote be seen walking the streets of Brooklyn Heights?
  • Will Slaughterhouse 90210 have a Martin Amis/Mad Men post?  (Answer: yes)

What will happen next?