New Jonathan Baumbach Fiction

Posted by Tobias Carroll

Delving back a few weeks for this one, but hey: the Observer has a solid piece up on Jonathan Baumbach, whose new novel Dreams of Molly was published by Dzanc.

Mr. Baumbach’s new novel, Dreams of Molly (Dzanc Books, 154 pages, $15.95), is explicitly influenced by a lifetime of moviegoing. A series of numbered dreams, the book tells the story of a blocked writer who embarks on a series of adventures in order to rescue his ex-wife, who may or may not have been kidnapped. It’s comic, almost zany in tone, with a plot that is suspenseful even as it resists interpretation; reading it feels a bit like watching a David Lynch film.

There’s a lot more to process in the piece, including a fine pocket history of experimental-fiction publishing over the last few decades. Have a look.