Question of the Day Contest: What literary trinket would you buy?

Posted by Jason Diamond

I know Kate Moss has the money to find and procure the engagement ring of the long-dead Zelda Fitzgerald, but honestly, why would you want to start your marriage off by wearing the ring of a dead woman who, frankly, had more than her share of problems?

But you know what?  I can’t lie.  If I had the cash, I’d probably seek out a piece or two of memorabilia from the lives of some of my favorite writers: Isaac Bashevis Singer’s typewriter with the Yiddish letters, Norman Mailer’s apartment,  or maybe something else?  What would you pick?

If you decide to answer in the comment section below, you put yourself in the running to see Black Francis with Reid Paley on July 24th at Le Poisson Rouge.  (We know the guy from the Pixies doesn’t really have much to do with literary trinkets, but we’ve got the tickets and want to give them away.)  We will pick the winners sometime tomorrow, and if people are into this, we think we’re gonna do something like this weekly.  So comment away!


  1. The wire ham costume Harper Lee wore in a school play as a child, written about in To Kill A Mockingbird.