Ernest Hemingway’s beautiful descendents

Posted by Jason Diamond

Of all the beautiful women Woody Allen picked to play his love interests, the two I love the most are Carol Kane during her brief appearance in Annie Hall, and Mariel Hemingway as the 17-year-old Tracy in Manhattan.  Even though the 25 year age difference between Allen’s Isaac character and Hemingway’s could either be looked at as a unsettling, or as a brilliant plot device, I say that Mariel Hemingway played the part perfectly, and really lessened the blow of what have been a creepy situation.

The latest issue of Town & Country has a writeup on Hemingway’s granddaughter, as well as her own daughter, the 21-year-old Langley.  I couldn’t find the issue online, but Mariel Hemingway has it on her site. The issue is also worth taking a look at for its other Hemingway story, an excerpt from Paul Hendrickson’s forthcoming book, Hemingway’s Boat (Knopf).