Showering with Dave Eggers

Posted by Jason Diamond

There is a slight chance that if you subscribe to The Thing long enough, you will be able to furnish your entire abode with their issues. In the past, the periodical has put out a Starlee Kine cutting board, coffee mugs by an experimental geographer, and Jonathan Lethem glasses with case.  They’re basically a couch and a knife set away from being more prominent in your apartment than IKEA.

Now you have an opportunity to spend every day cleansing yourself of the daily grime that accumulates all over your torso while reading and rereading a monologue told to Dave Eggers by his own shower curtain on the back of an Izola shower curtain which serves as issue #16 of The Thing.  Pre-orders are open, and these usually sell out pretty fast.  So if you want to shower with Dave Eggers, you’d better jump on it fast.

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