Saul Bellow’s Son Will Make You A Vase And Maybe Talk About The Ramones

The coolest part of The Forward’s article on Saul Bellow’s potter son isn’t the fact that spawn of one of the greatest writers of the last century is more content with creating vases and bowls than following in his father’s footsteps, it’s more about how he discovered the craft.

Bellow’s interest in pottery dates to when he was about 15. He had walked into a pottery studio at his prep school, Northfield Mount Hermon, where he said he had been “sent to when I was having too much fun in New York during the CBGB punk rock days.”

“There was this big, hippie dude spinning pots,” he recalled. “A semicircle of teenage girls were sitting around in amazement.” Bellow remembered thinking, “I have to have this.”

If you’re interested, his work is available at Anthopologie and (of course) Etsy.