Dandies Occupy Savile Row

An Abercrombie and Fitch setting up shop on London’s Savile Row is sort of like a McDonald’s opening up next door to a farm operated by an anarchist vegan collective–it’s insulting.  We’ve talked about how far the clothing chain has fallen from the days when it used to be the first stop Hemingway made when he visited New York, but opening up on one of the world’s most famous sartorial sites has caught the attention of the last group of people you’d imagine would stage a protest: Dandies.

Dozens of well-dressed men and women picketed outside No. 3 Savile Row (the same building where The Beatles performed their “Let it Be” concert”) chanting, “Give Three-Piece a Chance” in hopes that their snazzy duds would help convince the Westminster Council to revoke the A&F’s application.

Will the suits win the day?  Stay tuned.

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