Afternoon Bites: Bill Murray Says Tilda Swinton Can Do Whatever She Likes, Philip K. Dick Is Still Amazing, Kristen Stewart Reads 50 Shades of Grey, and More


Attention Philip K. Dick fans: these articles on his sweet, sweet crazy are not to be missed.

“But that’s the way shit goes when you sell millions of records but you’re dying inside.” Jessica Hopper interviews Heart’s Ann Wilson and it’s too real.

A possibly intoxicated Bill Murray makes our hearts flutter by walking us through the set of Moonrise Kingdom.

How to become a literary translator, according to the guy who put Laurent Binet into English. (Our review of HHhH is here, in case you were wondering.)

Tao Lin’s not trying anymore. Officially.

Kristen Stewart reads aloud from 50 Shades of Grey, and we die inside.

Honest talk about street harassment from the crew at Rookie.

Tyra Banks is watching Breaking Bad. She contains multitudes. How soon, unaccountable, she became tired and sick indeed.

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