Afternoon Bites: PANK Invasion, Brooklyn High Schools, Morrissey Smiling, and More

Tonight is the PANK Invasion at WORD.  So many capital letters, so many great readers.

The hidden treasures of Erasmus Hall High School.

From the department of Too Good To Be True: Zach Galifianakis as Ignatius J. Reilly would be basically perfect.

Did someone say “lots of pictures of Morrissey smiling“? Flavorwire is on it. Also included in that photo set: a picture of Morrissey with a cat on his head, presumably taken in a spirit similar to this one. If those images didn’t exist, we would have to invent them.

Jillian Steinhauer on Francesca Woodman and Jenny Hendrix on replicas and automata over at The Paris Review Daily.

Walter Salles’ adaptation of On the Road premieres at Cannes. Some people thought it was boring. Maybe Salles should have worked from On the Bro’d instead?

An amazing long read at Lapham’s Quarterly about a noble attempt to document America’s regional slang.

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