The Mingle is Happening

We’ve got to imagine there are plenty of local writers, bloggers, media types, publishing people, and other folks that would love a chance to have drinks and talk about subjects that range from the day’s big meme to how pretty every release by NYRB Classics or New Directions looks while DJs spin good music. We’d really love an evening like that, so we went ahead and created one: an evening for people who usually get to communicate through Twitter or other forms of social media to come together and meet IRL. A very low-key kinda thing that we’re going to call The Mingle, and it’s taking place on Wednesday, May 30th at Lolita Bar on the Lower East Side. 

This is an event brought to you by a group of great folks, and there’s really no catch to it: nobody is reading anything or trying to sell you anything, the drinks are cheap and Vanessa’s Dumplings is a few feet away. (have you had those things? They’re delicious.) It’s just an excuse to get a bunch of like-minded people into the same room while The Brothers Brooks (Ryan Chapman and Jason Diamond) spin an assortment of good music. Please feel free to invite anybody – the more the merrier.

Sponsored by Electric Literature, Book Riot, BOMB, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Fortnight Journal, Book Boroughing and OR Books.

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