Afternoon Bites: Ty Segall, On “The Newsroom,” Bedtime Stories with WORD, and More

“But if Fun House is like that creepy dilapidated domicile at the end of the street, the Ty Segall Band are the neighborhood punks who break into it late at night just for kicks, spray paint the walls, and leave behind a small mountain of empty beer cans.” At Pitchfork, Stuart Berman has some nice things to say about the latest from Ty Segall.

Warren Ellis’s take on The Newsroom makes me both curious to watch it and very nervous about some of the problematic elements he identifies in the pilot.

Stephen Swift does not like the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo,” a song one of our editors will forever identify with being thirteen and having epic insomnia.

WORD’s Christine Onorati talks bedtime stories with Brooklyn Based.

Via Amelia Gray: Lindsay Hunter has two books coming out from FSG, which is excellent news. You should really pick up her collection Daddy’s if you haven’t already.

Girls is, apparently, mayor-approved.

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