Afternoon Bites: Jaime Hernandez’s Superheroes, Ionesco’s Novel, Mavis Gallant’s Notebooks, and More

The Comics Reporter has a glowing review of Jaime Hernandez’s God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls. “God And Science just works as a summer book, a big comic with inner consistency and a friendly demeanor which to curl up on a late afternoon when the temperature drops just enough you can sit outside with a beverage…”

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about transcribing Mavis Gallant’s notebooks: in one place.

Edward Champion talks with the supremely talented Sarah Polley.

Flavorwire has their picks for the best novels of the year so far.

And The Millions looks ahead to notable books being released in the coming months.

Eugene Lim on the only novel by Eugene Ionesco.

If you’ve ever wanted to play an action-adventure video game as Stan Lee circa now

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