Afternoon Bites: “The Year of the Gadfly” Reviewed, Wetdog’s Playlist, Will Oldham on NPR, and More

“…fiction on this scale is hard to come by these days, especially a story that entertains as much as it begs you to turn the pages.” Three Guys One Book takes a look at Jennifer Miller’s The Year of the Gadfly.

Wetdog and The Dirtbombs share their current playlists with Dusted.

The Atlantic looks at the anthology Forty Stories.

Will Oldham did a live session for NPR.

Triple Canopy on radiograms and art.

Joshua Glenn, of the Significant Objects project, is profiled in the Times.

Karl Hendricks chats with Clicky Clicky Music.

Qubit’s call for submissions on the topic of noise may appeal to makers of everything from avant-garde musicians to writers of fiction to academics.

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