Weekend Bites: Bad Choices, Tar Heel Comedy, Rakoff, Marie NDiaye and More

Edith Wharton died on this day in 1937.

Marie NDiaye’s Three Strong Women is reviewed in this weekend’s Sunday Book Review.

Adam Baer on how cancer brought him closer to David Rakoff.

Evan Smith Rakoff on how North Carolina is redefining comedy.

“Nonlinear tangents abound. He casually drops references to Stockhausen, Socrates, and the 12-tone compositional technique.” – Jenn Pelly talks with John Maus at Pitchfork.

Aaron Labaree at Guernica on the last night of a Canadian boomtown dive bar.

Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast on Romney’s “terrible” choice of Paul Ryan as his vice presidential candidate.

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