Morning Bites: There Are More Kennedys, O/R Books Is Giving You Gifts, Joyce Carol Oates Opines, and More

The Master finally comes out today.

Are you even ready for the next couple weeks of events? Well, get ready with Gigantic and The Believer‘s Writers Reading Other Writers event at Botanica Bar, tomorrow at 7pm, with Vol. 1 favorite Justin Taylor, Catherine Lacey, and Sparrow. (We also have 3-minute book stories and the Will Oldham event coming up, so consider this your pre-game party.)

The literary replicant Joyce Carol Oates is interviewed by a similarly tireless Michele Filgate for Salon.

Edith Zimmerman’s piece on the Kennedys in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine features the following sentence: “As he made the rounds in Doggone-It, Kennedy leaned awkwardly into a showcase, straining to hear over the barking of the dogs, who were now running through a pool of their own urine that spread across the patched linoleum floor.”

In November O/R Books will publish previously unseen interviews with Gore Vidal about his politics. They’re also offering to give you a better book of erotica—an astute parody, in fact—if you trade in your copy of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Please call PETA and make them do something about the person who forced Collective Soul on his cat.

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