Morning Bites: Funny David Foster Wallace, Lorin Stein Starting Out, MacArthur Geniuses, Reagan’s Ghost and More

Ladies and gents: The MacArthur Fellows for 2012 have been announced. We get the feeling you didn’t get one this year, but keep on trying. We think you’re a genius!

We found out yesterday that historian Eric Hobsbawm passed away.

“I read Infinite Jest while interning at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and even though they clearly had a million better things to be doing, staff members would talk to me about the wheelchair assassins and what Wallace essays I should read.” –  Blythe Roberson at Splitsider talks about the David Foster Wallace comedy connection.

Cynthia Nixon swears a whole bunch for Ian Frazier.

How Lorin Stein of The Paris Review got started.

Levi Asher thinks we are experiencing “the last gasp of the ghost of Reaganomics.”

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