Morning Bites: Fran Lebowitz at the Awl, Bushwick and the Chocolate Factory, Mary Jo Bang, and More

“In San Francisco, you had—how should I say this—a very ‘lively’ scene. You didn’t have to be very smart, let me put it that way.” Fran Lebowitz does her Fran Lebowitz thing over at the Awl, talking about gay people in the 70s.

Royal Young chats with Marie-Helene Bertino for Interview.

Points to Mary Jo Bang for not giving a smartass answer to the perennial question of how you know when you’re done making art.

Joshua Clover weighs in on the Amanda Palmer hullabaloo.

A chocolate company is opening up in Bushwick. There will be tours, and there will be a “Chocolate Jungle.” The owner should wear a purple crushed velvet suit, no?

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