Afternoon Bites: Steve Albini’s Coffee, “Moby-Dick” In Space, Dan Josefson Interviewed, and More

Steve Albini has revealed Electrical Audio’s coffee recipe; it sounds utterly delicious. Between this and Will Oldham’s blend of coffee, it’s a good time for indie-rock coffee drinkers. (Or, at least, coffee and people involved with the album Arise Therefore).

The Stranger‘s “Men Who Rock” feature is a thing of genius.

Lynne Ramsay has plans to make Mobius, a science-fictional adaptation of Moby-Dick.

Dan Josefson talks with The Atlantic about his novel That’s Not a Feeling.

Martin Amis chatted with the Times.

There is now a statue of Harvey Pekar at the Cleveland Library.

Grant Morrison talked about his in-the-works comic Multiversity.

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