How Much More Lena Dunham Book Deal Talk Can You Take?

Lena Dunham probably had more money than you did even before Random House gave her $3.7 million dollar advance for her book Not That Kind of Girl. But now things have changed, she’s way too rich for your blood, she’s the 1% and you need to voice your opinion about it. 

Actually, scratch that: You don’t really need to write anything else about it, because everything that can be said on the subject has been said already:

Michele Dean at The Nation starts things off with the Carveresque named “What We Talk About When We Talk About Lena Dunham.” And while a million pieces got the “What We Talk About When…” treatment around the release of Nathan Englander’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (we’re guilty of this as well), Dean does actually look at what we’re talking about when we talk so much about things like the position Dunham was born into (“rich” and “connected”), her show and the book deal.

Next, leave it to The Observer to tell you that “Lena Dunham is no Tina Fey,” but as Jim Hanas points out on Twitter as “Revelation #1” from reading the story, “Lena Dunham book proposal. Dunham and George Saunders have the same editor.”

And finally, Rob Spillman does the math at Salon, and thinks all that money could have gone to much more deserving sources.

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  1. Getting advice from a 26 year old woman, (who has been paid a fuck ton of money for that advice), is like saying Danielle Steel is going to win the Pulitzer for literature later today.