Afternoon Bites: Blake Butler on the Clarice Lispector Reissues, John Hodgman Talks Superheroes, Chaotic Neutral “Downton Abbey,” and More

Blake Butler looks at the recent crop of Clarice Lispector reissues from New Directions.

J. Robert Lennon has some seasonally appropriate fiction for you at Recommended Reading.

Lindsay Zoladz’s column Ordinary Machines, which looks at technology and music and identity, debuts at Pitchfork.

Unwound will be releasing an album of live songs recorded in 2001.

If these stills are any indication, the book trailer for Warren Ellis’s Gun Machine should be very interesting.

Nick Offerman is voicing Axe Cop. This makes a whole lot of sense.

It’s a Downton Abbey alignment chart.

John Hodgman on his love of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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  1. Unwould would be a good joke if you didn’t like Unwound, but we all do. (Typo alert.)