Nicholson Baker Gives Us Two More Songs

A few days ago John Jeremiah Sullivan described one of Nicholson Baker’s sentences as “Bakerian (Bakeresque?)” in his New York Times review of Baker’s latest collection of essays, The Way the World Works. I’m starting to feel like “Bakerian (Bakeresque?)” might also be an adequate way to sum up the music the writer has been posting up on Youtube over the last few months, or it could serve as an appropriate title if Baker decided to put out a record.

Two new songs have emerged to add to Baker’s discography. The first, “Three Young People,” is about three pre-teen children in Afghanistan killed by a NATO weapon, and “Terrormaker” is described by Baker as “an anti-drone song.” Both songs are similar to the ones he’s recently given us in that they are political and also sound somewhere between Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and Arthur Russell.

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