Morning Bites: Lincoln, Book Cover War Of 2012, Young Republicans, Henry James, Kubrick’s First, And More

“As Tolstoy said of Lincoln, in 1908, “We are still too near to his greatness.” Ain’t that so?” – Anthony Lane reviews Lincoln at The New Yorker.

More of the Portrait of a Lady by Henry James as a great American novel talk.

“Motherfucking John Galt. Jesus Christ. After a few hundred pages, the question “Who is John Galt?” becomes “When is this asshole going to show up?” – Talking Atlas Shrugged at The Awl.

The U.S. against the U.K. in a battle to decide which country has the better book covers.

Looking at Kubrick’s first film.

Young Republicans from President Obama’s Chicago stomping grounds watch the election.

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