Afternoon Bites: Philip Roth and Bob Dylan Are Frat Brothers, Secrets of Alchemy Are Explained, and More

Bill Kartalopolous is interviewed about his new publishing venture Rebus Books.

Apparently the same frat can claim Philip Roth and Bob Dylan.

The Baffler is having a shindig tonight at Housing Works. Something called “Ayn Rand: The Game Show” would be anathema were it being hosted by any other publication.

Colin Dickey and the secrets of alchemy over at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

Debating seapunk.

In The Guardian, all your favorites and ours recommend books for you to read over the holidays. (Slavoj Žižek gets a little soppy about love here, which might entice or repel you, we’re not sure which)

Quick! Buy this piano from Casablanca with all the millions you’ve got stuffed under your mattress.

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