Afternoon Bites: Alison Bechdel Interviewed, Top Metal Albums, Nick Flynn, and More

“That’s what I love about writing memoir, dealing with actual lives and things that really happened as opposed to making stuff up. You have this constraint you’re always pushing up against: what really happened. You can’t add stuff to make a nicer story.” Alison Bechdel talked to the Comics Reporter.

Publishing Genius is offering subscriptions for 2013.

“As in 1890, the real musical action these days is taking place at home. And the laptop camera is the new parlor room piano.” Slate’s Music Club for 2012 is, as always, a smart read.

Brandon Stosuy lists his 40 favorite metal albums of the year.

“It’s about letting your backbrain chew on the problems while your frontbrain is amused by the new and shiny things.” Warren Ellis on combating writer’s block.

Would you like to read a commencement speech from Nick Flynn? Here you go.

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