Afternoon Bites: Gerard Way Talks Comics, The Rooster’s Return, “Prosperous Friends” Reviewed, and More


The lineup has been announced for The Morning News’s 2013 Tournament of Books.  If you’ll excuse us, we have some reading to catch up on.

“We also missed the old tradition of travel writing in magazines likeHoliday, Collier’s and The Saturday Evening Post, by novelists, poets and creative long-form writers.” Porter Fox talked with The Believer about Nowhere magazine.

Flavorwire’s list of “up-and-coming New York culture makers to watch in 2013” features a lot of our favorite people.

“So to have people be able to appreciate equally different things and not even be that aware of the other component? That’s fine. I think I’ll always be involved with stuff like that in my life.” Gerard Way on his forthcoming comics projects.

At Dusted, Nate Knaebel — who knows a thing or two about garage rock — selects his albums of the year.

“What she does instead is draw out a secret world of love and suffering, which, once it is revealed to us, we recognize as our own.” David Winters looks at Christine Schutt’s novel Prosperous Friends.

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